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The program outlined
      Nursing Quality Evaluation System (Nursing Quality Appraise System, or NQAS system) Beijing is a self-developed Sets designed by YuanZhuo technology limited liability company for front-line care of the Department of Clinical Nursing quality inspection work of electronic information systems, which use mobile devices as an inspector at the scene under the record media, the source of the data collection began electronically, achieving a truly paperless quality inspection process. In this system, the quality of the Nursing Department inspectors handheld mobile devices to the scene of the ward to carry out quality inspection, the inspection will be finished upload data to the database, and then in the Department of Nursing at the PC generation of inspection results, and to print category statistics form.

User receipts
  • save paper
  • The results of statistical computer automatically,      quickly and accurately.
  • Allow Custom forms of content changes, convenient      and flexible.
  • Can employ a variety of methods to check results      statistics, analysis and comparison.
  • Past historical data are stored in a database, safe      and reliable.


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