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    There are many different color mouses in the game,pirk,yellow,grace,purple.they are all the puniness mouse will beated except the pink one.
Yellow mouse: Hit one time to kill
Grace  mouse: Hit two time to kill
Purple mouse: Hit three times to kill
Pink    mouse: good mouse,forbid to kill
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Crazy Card 8
      The game uses the standard 52-card pack.Each player receives five cards. The remainder of the pack is placed face-downand becomes the stock. The top card is placed face-up beside the stock and becomes the starter. All of the discards are placed on the starter, forming the talon pile.
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      Shuffleboard is a old-line game,it was born in 15th century in England. The gentleman play the coins on the table for loiter about. After 1950s,more and more people enjoy playing the sport which is full of challenged and imperturbable. Minimax show the most actual way to push the ball, let you play the game just like on the real table personally.
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PDA GAME Magic Matrix

      This is a really fantastic game for Pocket PC from our company. The rules of this game are so simple, but I think it must be full of magic. Each element in the magic matrix is a pixie.They will start something to test your wisdom. If you can swap any two adjacent elements to creat rows of 3 or more elements,you will get the score points.

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Shuffleboard PALM

     Use the pen catch your ball,then send the ball out with the pen touching the screen.When your pen release from the screen up the dashed line(the dashed line on the board is sending-ball-line),the ball will go out with current direction and with current power bar's power.

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