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About Minimax

       Minimax Science and Technology Co., Beijing branch of HongKong Minimax group.It establish in early 1998.We are a professional company which devote ourselves efforts to digital technology application.Our company united in digital technology, corporation and manufacture,and inaugurated interactive Electronical Manual,which has not only professional theme,but also popular ploy.The new field interactive electronical media makes the digital technology more close to the real life .It brings the convenience to the daily works of corporation,and increases company report and service quality.In 2001,our company established new direction exploiting the mobile solution,which aims at profession user,and base on the Palm and Windows CE OS platform.The tenet of our company holds "creat techno-logy,focus on future".We strive bring the digital technology the primary technology in all of the world to the daily work and life with multiplex form.
   With the e-times step,the electronical media has be favored by each person. Because traditional media,such as newspaper, magazine, broadcast, TV,hasn't satisfy the high request that people gather the information in the information times.People will select more convenient, more effective,more quick way to gather,collect and keep all kinds of information.
   Now,we develop "BroadView" electronical magazine to cater to calculated,high-speed life and supply the up to date,more popular,more practical information to the people.It just spreads the fashionable news through high-tech and multimedia way.
   Our company advanced "the Electronical Manual" in early 1998.We will change the traditional manual through digital technology,and united in audio and videoand to show you a new manual.It holds small,bulky,intuitionistic characteristic.It makes your advertisement more magnetic.
   Nowaday,the convenient effective PDA is favored by more and more people.Because everybody have different request to PDA in different calling,so our mobile solution was born.The kernel of mobile solution is to empolder the special application to satisfy different calling and different request.The PDA can gather,transmit,and seek mobile information through this technique,or as a extension of LAN makes the non-paper work become ture.


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